Monday, October 25, 2010

Port Matching e50

I want to start out by saying I know it's not perfect but once i went too deep on one side I didn't want to push my luck, I figured this is better than nothing.
This is for a "Cheapo 70cc Cylinder Kit" from

Install the gasket to mark the area that needs removed.

My markings with the gasket and studs removed
Some of the tools I used. 
The Bad Side
This is where it all went wrong. I guess the gasket outline
method isn't always the best. It looked like i had plenty of
room but I guess I was wrong. I stopped as soon as this
happened. Then I made a visit to the Moped Army to see
what my options were.
The First Side
It went pretty well I did smooth it out a bit more
afterthis picturewas taken.  I used a file and
sand paper for that. 

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