Monday, February 20, 2012

Brake Cable Thingy & Seat Creation

First I thought I would share our work area as of recent. Since moving into an apartment Bill has been nice enough to let me use his back yard to work in, which i'm sure he prefers. He has been doing most of the work as of recent. 

Alright, I got to spend another day working on the moped. Today we installed the rear brake cable and made the seat.

Punch Starter Hole
Sand curve to go over tank
More Sanding
Measure to cut for clearing of stock tank mount
router out area
Marked Mounting Holes
Drill Holes
Hammer Tee Nuts?
Bolts & Rubber Washer
Cut Seat Length
Shape Seat
More Shaping
Light Sanding
Bevel Edges
Staining Required

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Magnum Roars!

The magnum finally took it's first breath and created fire and smoke. Tonight was the very first time this engine has turned over and all went better than expected. I still have a lot to do before I can call it finished but it's great motivation hearing it run for the first time.

Other stuff done last night (spark plug boot, fuel line, grounded, added transmission fluid, a few other thing)

Custom Exhaust Bracket

Using the old left over piece of the L bracket from the tank mounting hardware, a exhaust bracket was born.
Pound It
Grind It
Yay Sparks!
Be amazed that it lines up and tighten.

This design might be reworked, we talked about using some square pipe but for now this will work. 

Chain Adjusters

Well it is now time to install the chain adjusters. The only problem is, I only have chain adjusters for a Maxi.  So what do we do next; Fab them. I'm going to use the eye bolt from the Maxi adjusters and make the back brackets.
Square Tubing 
A Little Sanding 
Hole Punch
Rough Cuts
More Sanding
The Finished Product 
Painted and Installed