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Friday, November 12, 2010

Handlebars and Controls

I painted my 19 mm intake I purchased  (thanx orangerobin) on and painted my handlebar clamps, then I installed the controls and replaced the grips with some Kawasaki grips a friend gave me. They seem to be much better than the ones that came with the controls. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a brake light switch holder :(. Now i'm on the hunt for some new M7x35 socket cap bolts to mount the handle bars. This is what my current ones look like, I'll clean them up and use them if i have to.

I also have to give a big thank you for having such great customer service, I would highly recommend them to anyone building a moped.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Order New Part (Thanx Google)

Since i finally got my Google check, i decided it was time to buy some more parts.
I ordered this batch from Treat Land, the descriptions of the products on the site
crack me up. (you should check them out)
I've always had great service with them and 1977 Mopeds it just all depends on
who has what in stock.
let the list begin. :)

bikemaster black superbike low rise handlebars

 lusito complete throttle control set - black

moped rear brake cable

moped front brake cable

moped throttle cable for all mopeds

puch moped one speed E50 clutch cable

puch BLUE hi tension E50 clutch spring

 more expensive moped inner tube

 rubber rim strip 

I also ordered an intake for my carb, that should be in around the same time.