Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Magnum's First Trip Out

Well I took the magnum out of the neighborhood, I made a recent visit to Petit Lemans and thought it would make a great bike to get around the track.

Everything went okay with the moped, but on the first day the clutch started to stick for some reason. The hills at the track are crazy and when I stopped at the bottom of the hill and tried to make it up the hill the bike didn't like it very much. Once i figured that out, I just made sure I kept my momentum up and it did fine the rest of the week. 

Of course i still have things that need to be done to get it to 100% but it was fun to actually take it out and show her off a bit even though I did get a little annoyed with the dozen's of people asking what it was. 

My current problem is the top speed, it seems to be topping out at 35 mph and feels like it's missing. 
Hopefully it's just the timing or something. 

Below are some pictures of it at the track. 
and here is link to some pictures I took.