Friday, December 31, 2010

A Little Progress

Over the last month I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but between getting sick and the holidays time just flew by. My new site Mopeds 101 has been taking up some of my time also (thank you to everyone that has joined the forum). Ok, back to the Magnum.

I received my tank in, it's not a magnum tank but with a little modification it should work pretty well. 

I also installed the cylinder and head, I don't have pictures of the actually process. I can only do so much with two hands :).

Image of the my stator plate with the brown wire moved to the top of the plate instead of the bottom. I also  used a dremmel cut off the extra length the screw had on the bottom.

Oh yea, my wife wanted her dinning room table back so I moved my operation into my office.

I also tried to hook up my brake cables, but the front seems to be too short and the back is doing something funky. I got pretty frustrated so I moved on to something else. I also picked up some parts to assemble my tail light. I'll have pictures of that soon. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Partial Assembly

After I reassembled the forks I couldn't resist to do a little mock assembly. I'm going to tear it back down to drill the holes in the frame to run the wiring and cables, but here is a peek of it's stance. 

Fork Lube Job

First I cleaned the bushings and  unscrewed the fork springs, then I scrubbed the springs down in my trusty trash can of gasoline. (it was full when the project started)

Then I gave everything a good lube job, I wasn't sure what I should grease so I greased everything.
Below I reinstalled the bushings and dust cap on the forks then screwed the springs back into the fork arms.
Friendly Tip Below

Friday, November 12, 2010

Frame Update

I installed the forks and swing arm. I will post more pictures of the fork installation once I find my pictures.
The right hand image is a picture of my future brake light that i got from

Mounted Tires

Mounted the tires, all went as planned and i'm happy with the results.

Handlebars and Controls

I painted my 19 mm intake I purchased  (thanx orangerobin) on and painted my handlebar clamps, then I installed the controls and replaced the grips with some Kawasaki grips a friend gave me. They seem to be much better than the ones that came with the controls. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a brake light switch holder :(. Now i'm on the hunt for some new M7x35 socket cap bolts to mount the handle bars. This is what my current ones look like, I'll clean them up and use them if i have to.

I also have to give a big thank you for having such great customer service, I would highly recommend them to anyone building a moped.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Order New Part (Thanx Google)

Since i finally got my Google check, i decided it was time to buy some more parts.
I ordered this batch from Treat Land, the descriptions of the products on the site
crack me up. (you should check them out)
I've always had great service with them and 1977 Mopeds it just all depends on
who has what in stock.
let the list begin. :)

bikemaster black superbike low rise handlebars

 lusito complete throttle control set - black

moped rear brake cable

moped front brake cable

moped throttle cable for all mopeds

puch moped one speed E50 clutch cable

puch BLUE hi tension E50 clutch spring

 more expensive moped inner tube

 rubber rim strip 

I also ordered an intake for my carb, that should be in around the same time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Installing Engine Internals

I finally decided it was time to start putting stuff in the casing. w00t!

Giving the e50 one more bath before I put it to work. 

Next, I'm going to seal it up today and start the installation of the top end. 

Adding Area For Gasket

We didn't trust that there was enough area available for the gasket to make a good seal where the engine and the cylinder meet. So Bill thought it would be a good idea to add some area to the engine with some J-B Weld. So what the hell it couldn't hurt right.  Here we go.

Bill prepping the weld
We taped off all of the areas we didn't want the weld to get on
and put a piece of tape between the two case halves to prevent
the case from sticking together.

Cutting off the excess with a razor blade

Some soft filing to make flush. 
After we finished the next day I was organizing my work area and realized a piece of the weld came off :(
I think it was due to the very old JB "kwik" weld we used. 

I had to rip the top off to get it open :)
So the next day I went back to Auto Zone and picked up the J-B Weld Stik and redid the side that fell off. 
It worked great, no need to tape anything off. 
Side finished with the stick

Port Matching (Fix)

After visiting the Moped Army, I was told my best bet would be to J-B Weld the hole I created. So I went out and bought some "slow" curring J-B Weld and gave it a shot. 

I used heat shrink to fill in the screw hole trying to prevent the weld from
seeping into the hole. It ended up working really well.

After it dried over night, we scored the weld down the middle and it cracked it open with out a fuss.

Other side
Afterwards i did some more sanding and called it a day.
I hope it holds.

Port Matching e50

I want to start out by saying I know it's not perfect but once i went too deep on one side I didn't want to push my luck, I figured this is better than nothing.
This is for a "Cheapo 70cc Cylinder Kit" from

Install the gasket to mark the area that needs removed.

My markings with the gasket and studs removed
Some of the tools I used. 
The Bad Side
This is where it all went wrong. I guess the gasket outline
method isn't always the best. It looked like i had plenty of
room but I guess I was wrong. I stopped as soon as this
happened. Then I made a visit to the Moped Army to see
what my options were.
The First Side
It went pretty well I did smooth it out a bit more
afterthis picturewas taken.  I used a file and
sand paper for that. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Main Gear Bearings

All went as planned, took off the old bearings with my puller and pressed the new ones on. 
Pulling off old bearings
Image of bare shaft
Installed snap ring
Image of both bearings installed, I used a press for the one on the right and
 a rubber malled  for the one of the left.